Cepas de la Culebra | The birth of new winery with soul

Cepas de la Culebra

Cepas de la Culebra is a crowd-funded winery project on Verkami.

Sponsorship rewards are… well, wine of course!

Project founder Ruben Gago says:

This Project is about opening a small winery so we can sell the wine we produce with the grapes we get from the vineyard our family owns, which was planted back in 1940’s by our grandparents.

We thought that possibly the best thing to do when opening a winery is to produce a Special Edition. And that’s what we are doing here!

We are going to produce a Special Limited Edition of Cepas de la Culebra exlusively for backers of this crowdfunding Project.

This Cepas de la Culebra Crowdfunding Special Edition will be a young red wine. To produce the wine we will mix together the three grape varieties we’ve got in our vineyard (Mencía -90%-, Tempranillo -5%- and Palomino -5%-).

Following our traditional vinification process, we will allow an alcoholic fermentation with skins to happen naturally, using no additives but some sulphites.

This year our grapes are specially sweet and healty due to great weather conditions so you can expect a young red full of fruit, fresh and lively. We might decide to age it two or three months in oak, we’ll let you know…

We wish Ruben and his team all the best with the new winery, and when the time comes we will review his new wines here on vinoTQM.

Full details of how you can get involved in the crowd-funding project can be found here:
Cepas de la Culebra Winery Crowd-Funding Project